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Support the Caltech Y because you want to see educational, cultural and outdoor adventure programs continue to thrive.

Support the Caltech Y because you recognize the hard work of the student leaders of the ExComm.

Support the Caltech Y because the Y helps tomorrow's leaders become responsible

The Caltech Y is a vibrant center of community activity where your dollars are wisely put to use to make a world of difference. The Y depends on the support of individuals, like yourself, who recognize the value of student leadership, cultural programs and community service. Support the Caltech Y today with a gift for student programs.

The Caltech Y's core support comes from the generous donations of its Friends. Friends contributions have provided a financial core that has allowed the Y to help students grow into responsible world citizens. A minimum contribution of $200 per person or $400 per couple automatically qualifies you to become a Friend of the Caltech Y.

Contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations are essential in allowing us to provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, explore out-of-classroom interests, build relationships, and serve the community. It is this generosity and support that enables the Y to fulfill its mission by building and maintaining programs and impacting the lives of many students.

Caltech employees are encouraged to designate the Caltech Y during the United Way campaign.

Another important way to support the Y is by providing services, expertise, and time either as a volunteer or as
a member of the Y’s Board of Directors. We invite you to browse through our pages to learn more about the important ways that you can support the Y mission and make a difference.