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Matching Programs

Matching Programs are a great way to multiply your gift!

United Way Matching
October 15th - November 19th, 2012

Consider making the Caltech Y your affiliate choice during a United Way pledge drive at your workplace. If you are a Caltech employee, you may make a contribution to the annual campaign during late October and early November. The best part is that your donation will be matched 100% by the Institute. Your donation can be as simple as a monthly deduction from your paycheck. For as little as $10 a month, you can give the Y the extra support it needs. Any amount you pledge to the Y during the Caltech United Way campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by the Institute. There are few ways to make your donation multiply as efficiently as this one. Please visit the Caltech Human Resource Dept. for more information on how you can get started. Or call the Caltech Y Development Office at (626) 395-6163. All Caltech Y Board members who are also Caltech employees are encouraged to make their donations through this matching program. Your $200 pledge immediately becomes $400. Your contributions go a long way in supporting our mission.

If you are a Caltech employee, go to to make your United Way Campaign pledge and designate the Caltech Y. Here are the steps.

1. Log in to access.caltech link
2. Follow the United Way link in the left column
3. Designate a monthly amount or one-time gift
4. In Option B, on next page, indicate the amount you wish to give the Caltech Y annually
5. Click continue. You're done. Your gift is doubled by the Institute

Company Matching Progams

The idea of a Matching Program is incredibly simple. You give $100 to the Y as your annual contribution and your employer matches it. The end result is $200 to the Caltech Y. You have basically doubled your gift with very little work on your part. If you are interested, ask the Human Resource department at your workplace how you might add the Caltech Y to the current list of non-profit affiliates for matched giving. Call the Y development office for our tax ID number and help getting this program under way at your workplace.

Below is a list of just a few workplaces that offer a matching program. Find your company below and call them to set up your Caltech Y match.

Companies listed alphabetically